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List view in Customer Portal is not filtering; it is showing all records. What to do?

Object type: Custom object
Profile: Clone of HVCP with read permission for the above object
Salesforce org: DEV

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I found what was wrong and posted the answer below. – Suman Krishna Saha Nov 28 '12 at 7:34

I know that in the portals (partner / customer), you will not directly see the records for a specific list view. You first need to select the listview and press go. It's comparable to how list views work in the normal sfdc screens. Also there, you first need to select the list view you want to see and hit go.

I believe there is a workaround for that to pre-select the selected listview by passing the listview that needs to be selected in the querystring.

You can know how the URL has to look when you change the selected listview then the URL in your browser address will change.

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This might be happening because the fields used to filter are not available to the portal profile.

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If the List View's filter criteria is a lookup field, then the profile should have read permission on that lookup field object.

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