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I'm trying to develop a color picker using JSColor but I don't know how to do it with an <apex:inputField>. I have the error below :

Save error: Could not resolve the entity from value binding '{!color}'. can only be used with SObjects, or objects that are Visualforce field component resolvable.

Here's my code :

VF :

<apex:inputField styleClass="color" value="{!color}" />

Controller :

public SObject color {get; set;}

I can't use another object type like String. But it doesn't work with SObject.

Do I need to use a standard object like Account or a custom object saved in database ? I don't want to create a custom object only for store the color. If possible I just want to store it in a controller field.

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Try to use apex:inputText instead. – Sergey Utko Aug 26 '14 at 12:18
So obvious, I didn't think about that. Thanks mast0r, it works but now I have a problem with the JSColor library. I can't see the color I'm choosing... – SF_user Aug 26 '14 at 12:28
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SObject is a complex type. Therefore you cannot assign a simple value like a color code (string).

In your case it makes sense to add a custom field to your sObject (e.g. Color__c). This field can be referenced by anAccount.Color__c.


public Account anAccount {get; set;}


<apex:inputField styleClass="color" value="{!anAccount.Color__c}" />
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