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I am using following soObject call to insert new row in the Account table at Salesforce server :

curl -H "Authorization:OAuth use your session_id" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @Test.json "

Now I need to insert an Account, Contacts and Address (in Address__c) as a single transaction means If insertion to any of the Account, Contact or Address fails, all three insertion should roll back.

How can I achieve this ?

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@nagarjuna given link is talking about apex code, While I am inserting data in salesforce from an external system using sobjects. – r.bhardwaj Aug 19 '14 at 5:43
a custom apex rest service that accepts a json POST payload of all the objects you need to insert is the way to go – cropredy Aug 19 '14 at 6:19
see also @sfdcfox answer here - – cropredy Aug 19 '14 at 6:32

If you want all that to be in 1 single transaction and 1 callout, you might need to write APEX REST Webservice that will get the all the data in a single call and store it as account, contact and any other object.

In this particular scenario let's assume your JSON looks something like this:

    "account" : {
        "name" : "test account name",
        "contact" : {
            "firstname" : "John",
            "lastname" : "Smith",
            "address" : {
                "street" : "Flinders St",
                "city" : "Melbourne",
                "state" : "VIC",
                "country" : "Australia",
                "postcode" : "3000"

If that's the case then I recommend you write your webservice like this:

global with sharing class YourWebServiceName
    global class GenericResponse
        public Boolean success;
        public String errorMessage;
        public String result;

        public GenericResponse(Boolean s, String e)
            if (s == true)
                this.errorMessage = '';
                this.result = e;
                this.errorMessage = e;
                this.result = '';

            this.success = s;

    global class CustomAccount
        public String name;
        public CustomContact contact;

    global class CustomContact
        public String firstname;
        public String lastname;
        public CustomAddress address;

    global class CustomAddress
        public String street;
        public String city;
        public String state;
        public String country;
        public String postcode;

    global static GenericResponse createNewAccount(CustomAccount account)
        // do your ifs and elses and check whether the JSON structure is right

        Savepoint savePoint = Database.setSavepoint();

            Account accountRecord = new Account ();
            accountRecord.Name =;
            insert accountRecord;

            Contact contactRecord = new Contact ();
            contactRecord.AccountId = accountRecord.Id;
            contactRecord.FirstName =;
            contactRecord.LastName =;
            insert contactRecord;

            // I believe it's a custom object and it's related to the contact
            Address__c addressRecord = new Address__c ();
            addressRecord.Contact__c = contactRecord.Id
            addressRecord.Street__c =;
            // and so forth
            insert addressRecord;

            return new GenericResponse(true, 'Success');
        catch (Exception e)
            return new GenericResponse(false, 'Error occured creating the records - ' + e.getMessage());

And finally you can call this method by doing a POST request to where CSX is your org name.

Don't forget to authenticate first and get the session id / access token and specify it in the header of your http request :)

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