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After the latest update to Eclipse after summer 14, I am having the following minor issues, please provide some tips to help me resolve them.

  1. Whenever I create a project it defaults to offline. Never had this issue before.
  2. No content assist - for example if I defined an object and no dropdown on available fields. I really do miss this.
  3. There is 1 class for which I cannot see the outline, this is not the case with other classes. This is an apex class.
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At present, the only way to fix these is to move back to an earlier version. (The earlier ones appear to be still available based on the screen shot of step 4 of Force.com IDE Installation.)

A (the?) bug list for the current version is here and includes your item 2) and perhaps 3). I think 1) is a design decision. But AFAIK there is no published timeline for updates to the IDE.

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Thank you. I will move back to the earlier version. –  addy Aug 11 '14 at 19:57

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