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I've got an Apex Class that implements System.Schedulable which I'm trying to run:

public class Broker {


    public class Worker implements System.Schedulable {
        public void execute(SchedulableContext context) {
            //fail hard
            System.assert(false, 'CHOO CHOO');



I'm invoking it with the usual trick to run momentarily:

//leave a bit of space, eg '36 53 9 9 8 ? 2014'
DateTime now =;
String cron = now.second() + ' ' + now.minute() + ' ' + now.hour() + ' ' + + ' ' + now.month() + ' ' + '?' + ' ' + now.year();

//schedule for execution
Broker.Worker schedule = new Broker.Worker();
System.schedule('Worker for ' + cron, cron, schedule);

First, I can see it in my Scheduled Apex monitor:


And second, I see it progress after a couple seconds from Next Scheduled Run to Started:


But it appears to be disappearing into oblivion! The job goes to Completed without a trace, leaves no side effects, and no entry in the Debug Log under any user.

Am I missing anything here?

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This appears to be a Salesforce bug.

As a work around, promote your System.Schedulable class from an inner to an outer class.

(If it is in fact officially not supported for an inner class, perhaps someone could post the Salesforce documentation reference.)

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