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I'm using Eclipse with the Force.com IDE and after I did a "refresh from server" on the src folder, I noticed that I could no longer edit a good many of my apex classes and pages. The packages.xml file is only showing a small portion of the classes that are actually associated with the SalesForce.com instance.

I have no clue what to do. Help?

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Right click on your project folder -> Hover over the "Force.com" menu -> Select Add/Remove Metadata Components -> Click on the Add/Remove button -> Click the "Refresh" Icon, then uncheck and recheck the folders you want in your project.

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Is the class or page that you are looking for, a part of the package.xml file?

Can you add the class / page names in the package.xml and refresh it again? Or you can also try to extract ALL the classes / pages by using the '*' in the package.xml file.

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I tried the one mentioned in correct answer. However, I am still getting error saying 'Unable to open or associated metadata file for file - FILE_PATH'.

And Yes, I was getting another Error, 'Fetch SObject not found' which was resolved by above steps. Not sure whey I am still getting this error. :(

Can anyone help here please?

Thank You.

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