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I am trying to extract all numbers from a string but I got the below code to work although it stops after the first match for 123.

String str = '123-456/7890';
Pattern p = Pattern.compile('(\\d+)');
Matcher m = p.matcher( str );

if( m.find() ){
    system.debug( '-->>' + );
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You need to call matcher.find() recursively until it returns false. Use a do/while block.

String str = '123-456/7890';
Pattern p = Pattern.compile('(\\d+)');
Matcher m = p.matcher( str );

if(m.find()) {
  do {
    system.debug( '-->>' + );
  } while(m.find());
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Thanks. This works – HSG Jul 26 '14 at 12:21

If you want to separate all the numbers into separate strings you can do the following.

String numsplit = str.replaceAll('[^0-9]+', ';');
list<String> nums = numsplit.split(';');

If you also want to extract the other characters there is a built-in splitbycharactertype method.

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You can use the Regex (?!^), this is called negative look ahead,


string abc = '123abc224aa33//11``45345';
string newstringwithjustnumbers='';
for(string s : abc.split('(?!^)')){
        newstringwithjustnumbers = newstringwithjustnumbers+s;

Debug Log output :

10:45:01.244 (244625510)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[9]|System.debug(ANY) 10:45:01.244 (244660455)|USER_DEBUG|[9]|DEBUG|@@@@@123224331145345

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String input  = String.valueOf('20.02.001.X-M,!');

Pattern p = Pattern.compile('[^0-9]');

String numericOutput = p.matcher(input).replaceAll('');

//debug statement below will print 2002001

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