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I am facing the issue on the case comment size. There is an inbound email handler which creates a case comment on a specific case record based on the incoming email body.

Sometimes its giving error - "STRING_TOO_LONG, Body: data value too large". Then i checked the limit for case comment body and its 4000 bytes and not characters.

Now the problem is how do i check for size of a string as bytes and not as characters in apex? I found that string .size() method returns number of characters and not no of bytes.

Please help.


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The documentation for String.length() (there is no String.size()) explains that it:

Returns the number of 16-bit Unicode characters contained in the String.

So the number of 8 bit bytes is 2x the length of the string. (And so to fix the problem you need to truncate at 2000 characters.)

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