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How do you set up Sales Territories in Salesforce,in previous versions there was an option called "Manage Territories" under Administration Setup I no longer see this in the Administer section. Were can I find this or enable this?

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You will need to first contact SFDC support to get it enabled for your instance . – Mohith Shrivastava Jul 22 '14 at 8:33

There are a number of steps required before you can enable Territory Management for your Organization, are you sure you've followed them all?

They are covered in detail in the Enabling Territory Management documentation and Deploying Territory Management Guide.

The key ones are as follows:

  1. Enable Customizable Forecasting
  2. Have a Sandbox
  3. Contact to enable Territory Management for your Organization
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Territory management is changing as we speak for Salesforce. There were a number of difficulties with Territories version 1.

As of Summer 14, there is a new Beta feature of Territory Management 2.0. If you are strongly leaning toward this strategy, you could begin evaluating the use of this feature now by:

  1. Reading the release notes for Summer 14.
  2. Joining the success community Chatter group Sales Cloud – Territory Management
  3. Reading the docs Territory Management 2.0 to see if it fits what you want
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