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How can i add a Custom Button in Contact Standard Page like the Pic belows shows or where can i get the Default Contact Pagelayout to rebuild it ?

Thanks for Help!

Custom Button in Contact Standard Page like this

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Step 1: add a custom button to Contact object by Setup -> Contact -> Buttons, Links, and Actions -> New

Step 2: go to contacts tab and click edit layout link and add your button to page layout.

enter image description here

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Setup>Customize>Page layouts>Click on Edit beside Page layout>Select the Buttons>Drag and drop to the Layout>Click Save.

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Click Setup>Customize>Page layouts>Click on Edit in front of Page Layout you on which you want to add the button.

From the top floating bar go to the left pane and click Buttons .

Now on the right hand side you will see the button you created earlier Drag and drop that button downwards on the Layout

Click Save.

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