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I came across multiple choice for sample exam But was not sure whether Custom Component comes under Model in MVC ? Choose two

Options were

  1. Custom Object

  2. Custom Component

  3. Apex

  4. Controller Extension

share|improve this question, I'm not sure about the sample question, but I can probably answer your question about whether a custom component counts as a "model" in the MVC framework. I won't bore you with what you can already find on Wikipedia about MVC, so on to Salesforce!

Visualforce pages and components are views. Apex controllers and extensions are all considered controllers. And your sObject classes (e.g., OpportunityLineItem, AccountTeamMember) are the models.

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This doesn't really line up with the question, but that's more a reflection of the sample exams out there and why they should be avoided. – LaceySnr Jun 30 '14 at 22:00

I would say that Custom Object and Custom Component are the correct answers. Apex and Controller Extension are Controllers.

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