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How to find the expiration date of an org in

I tried this query:

Select TrialExpirationDate from Organisation

but it is returning null as the org is purchased one.

So, how can we find the expiration date of a purchased org?

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TrialExpirationDate tell us the date on which Trial is going to expire.

IF you have normal Dev org or purchases org then this field will be NULL

From the doc:

Description: The date that this organization's trial license expires.

I think if you want to find the expiration date purchases org then you need contact to SFDC support.

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Or your account executive. – sfdcfox Jul 1 '14 at 15:00

Try this:

Select TrialExpirationDate from Organization


1.At above shared query, Organization is misspelled.

2.User must have the “View All Data” permission to access this object.

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