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A user is currently inactive,i made him as Active ( I have the salesforce admin profile), after making him active, i cannot see the "Login" button in his user profile.

Any reasons why i cant see the Login button his user profile. I dont want to send an email to the user with his password..

I am trying to login as the user , to know the view he has created for case object.i have to create the same for him in a new org..

Can anyone let me know why i am not seeing the Login button on the user profile..

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There is an org-wide setting to allow this under security settings. See this description

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As for "why not", it's because without that org-wide setting enabled, users have to explicitly grant access. That means they'd have to login as that user with a password first and explicitly grant access. – sfdcfox Jun 14 '14 at 2:52

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