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Can a beginner learn APEX without learning JAVA. at my org I work as a administrator but the boss would like me to perform some developer duties. I have been working on a trigger and the thing I struggle with is the syntax, knowing which variables to enter. i think it takes too long to learn java and apex, is it possible for a beginner to learn apex by itself?

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This is ABSOLUTELY possible. Although knowing Java is a nice bonus, as some of the syntax is similar, it certainly is not a prerequisite. I would begin by going throigh the Apex workbook. The advantage of this is that it is hands on training, and you can actually do some of the coding as you learn. Go through this, and then come back with specific questions along the way, and everyone is glad to help.


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I come from a Java background, but I definitely agree with sfdc_ninja here. You don't need to know Java. There are similarities between both languages, but Apex is NOT Java. Java is a much more mature language with way more flexibility. It also has access to way more libraries. 90% of what is possible in Java won't relate to what you need to do in Apex. –  Jesse Altman Jun 3 at 15:18
I would recommend learning a simpler language first, such as C# or Java. Not the entire language, either, but just the parts that matter. Variables, classes/data types, branches, loops, and collections. Armed with just this simple information, Apex Code will come much faster. The "Language X in 24 hours" books seem like a fast track to learning Apex Code. –  sfdcfox Jun 3 at 16:40

While I agree with sfdc_ninja that it is POSSIBLE, I dont think it is IDEAL to try and learn Apex first. You'll figure things out and you'll eventually become relatively effective but I've found that there are much better beginner resources for Java than Apex because Java is an older/more mature language with many more developers than Salesforce Apex.

As Jesse Altman says Java is more "mature" and flexible than Apex, but in my opinion the most basic aspects of computer science are much better explained in beginner Java tutorials. I personally found Bucky's tutorials at TheNewBoston.com were much more helpful in my understanding these concepts because he goes into great detail about the relatively simple concepts that become the foundation of your programming skills.

On the other hand, the Apex workbooks quickly touch on these subjects but as someone who spent a lot of time trying to learn Apex before going back to Java to improve on the basics I feel like my study of the most basic concepts in Java was very much time well spent.

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