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I created a custom object which when saved creates a calendar Event using an Apex trigger. Am able to populate all of the desired fields in the Event except the Related To field. I want the Related To Object to inherent the custom object name and the Related To field the customer object record name.


> trigger calup on Schedule_Onsite_Technician__c (after insert, after
> update) {   List<Event> NewFSEvent = new List<Event>();
>   for (Schedule_Onsite_Technician__c  eve : {
>     Event e = new Event();
>     e.StartDateTime = eve.Onsite_Arrival_date_Time__c;
>     e.EndDateTime = eve.Return_date__c;
>     e.Location = eve.Location_Address__c;
>     e.Description = eve.Equipment__c;
>     e.OwnerId = eve.Assigned_Tech__c;
>     //e.WhatId = eve.RecordID;
>     //e.What.Type = 'ScheduleOnsiteTechnician';
>     e.ShowAs = 'OutofOffice';
>     e.Subject = eve.Field_Service_Activities__c;
>     e.WhoId = eve.Contact__c;
>     NewFSEvent.add(e);   }
>   insert NewFSEvent; }
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eve.recordid should be You don't need to set what.type. – sfdcfox May 11 '14 at 2:39
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Set the WhatId on the event record to your custom object's ID. Here's an example:

trigger createEventForCustomObject on CustomObject__c (after insert) {
    Event[] events = new Event[0];
    for(CustomObject__c record: {
        events.add(new Event(WhatId=record.Id, Subject='Hello',;
    insert events;
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Thanks. Should have included my code as I am still having a problem. – Steven J May 11 '14 at 0:37

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