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i am getting an error given below while i trying to iterate a List of String lists. I am thinking that i missed something very simple but did not able to move beyond this issue. Please clarify.

Save error: Loop variable must be of type LIST

List<List<String>> lstResp = new List<List<String>> {};
lstResp = Utility.ParseMultipleResponse(ret);
for(List<List<String>> n: lstResp) { //error line 
   for(List<String> l: n) {
     //-------some code here-------------
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Hopefully these names help explain what is going on:

List<List<String>> listOfListOfString = Utility.ParseMultipleResponse(ret);
for (List<String> listOfString : listOfListOfString) {
    for (String str : listOfString) {
        // Code

Each for loop iterates over a list, so the type of the for loop variable is "one list less" in each case.

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Thanks @Keith. I understood the issue now based on your explanation. – Baskaran S May 5 '14 at 17:43

Your list is type of List<String>. So an element is type of that. Your for loop should be something like,

for(List<String> firstList: lstResp) { 
   for(String singleString : firstList){
   // Some code
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