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We have several record types in our Case implementation.

I am able to get the record typeid only with the following.

SELECT Id,RecordTypeId FROM Case

If I try this, it is giving me an error.

SELECT Id,RecordTypeId,RecordTypeName FROM Case

I believe, I am new to SF so I am not sure, that we should be able to query the record type name of the case also in a SOQL.

Can someone tell me how to do that ?

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It's RecordType.Name

RecordTypes are held in separate reference table so to query the names just treat the RecordTypeId as any other lookup field :)

In case you've never used the "dot notation" (the way SOQL handles relationships and things that would be JOINs in regular databases):

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Thanks a lot :) – ZenSeeker Apr 28 '14 at 6:24

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