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I noticed after I created a custom object, an object which ends with __Tag has been created as well. What does this object mean?

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These objects (tables) are automatically created when tags are enabled in an org and provide the storage mechanism for those tags.

Tags are ad-hoc labels that can be applied to records; they are a way of grouping data.

A good overview article on tags is Salesforce Tags – The Good, The Bad, Limitations, and The Future. This article suggests that Chatter hashtags may eventually replace these tags.

PS "Eventually" has happened - see ca_peterson's comment.

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By "eventually" I think you mean "in Spring14". Take a look at the release notes and you'll notice tags can't be enabled for new orgs without contacting SFDC, and chatter topics are designed to replace them. – ca_peterson Apr 24 '14 at 21:11

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