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I have successfully authenticated from my application using OAuth2 and I'm able to get UserName, UserId and few other things, but I can't get EmployeeNumber which is stored in User profile. How that can be done using REST API, for my authenticated user?

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What have you currently tried to get that field ? Knowing so may help others in answering. (You can update your question with additional infor, that way it's not hidden in the comments) – Samuel De Rycke Apr 19 '14 at 6:29
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From the API point of view, EmployeeNumber is just the same as Username, Id and any other field. It may be field level security that is preventing you from seeing it - check the settings on the User object against the profile of the user you're using to access the API.

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There were several issues with my approach. At the end, I used this: to troubleshoot and to make requests that will work. – Aleksandar Vučetić Apr 19 '14 at 2:59

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