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    public class TestEx{
    //some code
  }catch(Exception e){
    string errmsg='';
    log__c log= new log__c();
    log.Error_Log__c=errmsg;//long text
    insert log;


when this code is executed in a developer org of a managed pkg, the result is as expected. But after releasing this code when this code is executed in installed org,All the methods are returning null except the getmessage() method.

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Im pretty sure that is the expected behaviour. Errors within managed packages are suppressed. You will need to raise a case with SF to get the logging turned on for managed packages. They will only enable the logging for a certain amount of time. – BarCotter Apr 17 '14 at 14:07
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If the package has passed security review, then the org the package is installed in can grant you login access like they would to Salesforce Support. This enables you to login via the Subscriber Tab in your LMA org to that org - and at that point, when you look in the Dev Console, you'll see the stack trace.

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