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I have a lookup field that displays the standard "name" field (renamed to Service ID) of a lookup object. However, this "Service ID" field stores the autonumberID of the object record and is not intuitive for searching against. Rather, there is also a custom field on the object called "Site Name" which would be far more intuitive to search on.

How would I configure Salesforce so that when I edit the object record and click the search icon on the lookup field I can type in a value and it will search the "site name" field rather than the "Service ID" field.

enter image description here

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You need to activate a feature called Enhanced lookup. For that do the following steps:

  • go to Setup -> Customize -> Search -> Search Settings
  • Over there scroll down to the Lookup Settings and activate it for the wished custom object

    enter image description here

  • now you will be able to search in all searchable fields

    enter image description here

Here is some more official information about Enhanced Lookups.

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