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I want to add date to a PDF file name.

I am sending an email from apex and attaching one PDF file with it.

Now I want to set string with dynamic date with it.


date fromdate = date.newinstance((,i.startdate__c.month(),i.startdate__c.year());
date todate = date.newinstance((,i.startdate__c.month(),i.startdate__c.year()+1);

string formateddate1 = fromdate.format(MM d, yyyy);
string formateddate2 = todate.format(MM d, yyyy);

att.setfilename('my file' +formateddate1 'to' +formateddate2);

It's showing PDF name like - my file 0000-11-06-08 00 00 to 0000-12-06-08 00 00

it's showing time also and wrong date. How do i correct it? I want only date without time

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The Date class does not have a format method that takes a formatting string but the Datetime class does. You can create Datetime without having to set time parts and then format it:

Datetime dtFrom = Datetime.newInstance(
String formattedFrom = dtFrom.format('MM d, yyyy');

Note the ordering of the year/month/day arguments too. Also see format options.

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