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I need to move the metadata from sandbox to free developer org.I have 7 custom objects,pages,classes,components,static resources,updates to standard objects..Please suggest the best practices and order of items to push from sandbox to free developer org.

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You can use the Eclipse plugin for that. Using Eclipse, select the metadata you want to deploy from the sandbox and then deploy to the dev org.

Another option is the Ant migration tool, but you'd need to get a package.xml with all the components in it for you to do that. The easiest way to get a package.xml is using Eclipse.

With either method you choose, you should be able to deploy everything at once.

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If You know what components to get, it is always easy using eclipse, as you can go to PROJECT ---> PROPERTIES ---> FORCE.COM --> PROJECT CONTENTS ---> ADD/REMOVE --> ADD all your components after it fetches the component metadata.

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