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I want to make the set to display as Unorderlist. So that it will display the values in an order that I have initialized.

Is there any way to achieve it?

Set<String> values = new Set<String>{'SZ','SA','EL','SP','DP'};
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Sets are unordered lists that don't contain duplicates. If you want to maintain the order, use a List.

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Sets are un-ordered by their very nature. If you need an ordered list you should use a List<String> collection. If you need to ensure things are unique and other set features, then you can just get a list for rendering only by adding all of the set elements to a list:

public List<String> getOrderedList()
  List<String> orderedValues = new List<String>();
  return orderedValues;

In your scenario you probably don't want the elements sorted alphabetically, so you'd be better off initialising the list first, and then adding all the list's elements to a set if that functionality is required.

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