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I am using Database.SaveResult and Database.update(..., false) for the very first time and ask myself how to get the Id of the record where a dml has failed.

I expected Database.SaveResult.getId()` to give me that answer but NO...it is empty when the dml failed.

Help ;-)!

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We can use List index Property to get the Id of the failed record .The Index of the List which we are updating and also the result set retrieved has the same index .Using the above property for our advantage we can draft a pseduo code as below

List<Database.SaveResult> updateResults;
        updateResults = Database.upsert(arudate, false);
      for(Integer i=0;i<updateResults.size();i++){

            if (updateResults.get(i).isSuccess()){
            else if (!updateResults.get(i).isSuccess()){
                // DML operation failed
                Database.Error error = updateResults.get(i).getErrors().get(0);
                String failedDML = error.getMessage();
                arudate.get(i);//failed record from the list
                                    system.debug('Failed ID'+arudate.get(i).Id);


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