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I have a VisualForce form that includes a phone number input. I want to turn off Autocomplete on this input based on an incoming URL parameter.

This is what I have now:

<apex:inputText value="{!phone}" styleclass="phone" id="phone" maxlength="16"  />

And I need something like this, I think:

<apex:inputText value="{!phone}" styleclass="phone" id="phone" maxlength="16" autocomplete="{!IF($CurrentPage.Parameters.phoneac == 'false'),"off","")}" />

But it doesn't seem to work this way. What am I missing?

It might be that autcomplete is not a valid field for VisualForce?

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OK, pleased to announce I solved my own question. There were two issues.

  1. I had a misplaced ')' in my code. Don't need that extra paren.

  2. It's quite true that autocomplete is not valid field for VisualForce. But there's a handy prefix 'html-' that allows many fields to be passed through to the page. That worked to get the autocomplete attribute through.

So the working code is:

<apex:inputText value="{!phone}" styleclass="phone" id="phone" maxlength="16"  html-autocomplete="{!IF($CurrentPage.Parameters.phoneac == 'false',"off","on")}" />

Thanks for following along.

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Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your answer! Took awhile for us to find an easy solution and we were just about to implement a much longer way of getting this done. Signed up for salesforce.stackexhange and got my rep up enough to be able to comment, just so I could say thanks! :) – Jenny B Jul 3 '14 at 19:45
Cool, glad it helped! And thanks for the + – Tony Brasunas Jul 7 '14 at 20:13

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