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How to replace multiple '\n's with single '\n'? More specifically, how to write regex to match multiple '\n's?

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The regex to match multiple \ns is


The plus (+) specifically matches 1 or more occurrences of the proceeding character. You can see it action:

string t = 'hey\n\n\nyou.';
system.debug(t.replaceAll('\n+', '\n'));

Note the use of replaceAll. Apex has three string replacement methods; they are all instance methods :

  • replace(String target, String replacement) - replaces all literal (not regex) occurrences of target with replacement.

  • replaceAll(String target, String replacement) - replaces all occurrences of the regex target with replacement

  • replaceFirst(String target, String replacement) - replace the first occurrence of the regex target with replacement

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