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I'm going through an evaluation of MavensMate and Sublime Text as a replacement of Eclipse IDE. Everything is working well and is a great alternative to Eclipse which is clunky and slow.

The main thing I'm missing is a schema explorer to play with SOQL queries and find field developernames. I know I can use the SFDC 'Schema Builder' but it doesn't cover behind the scenes tables like RecordType, OpportunityLineItem etc...

What tools are recommended by the community?

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Look at: – Thys Michels Dec 4 '13 at 0:51

On the Mac, my favorite tool is SoqlXplorer:

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Impressed by this one. Thanks for the heads-up. – Richard Durrant Dec 3 '13 at 21:51
@greenstork while you are listing the tools also please note that there are lot of windows users as well. – Baskaran S Jun 16 '14 at 10:56

Another fantastic one in the toolkit is workbench. Lots of admin tools, including the ability to explore all standard (even the behind the scenes ones) and custom object.

Also good to have a bookmark to the Object Reference handy.

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For those running on a Mac, soqlXplorer is a great tool for doing these kind of things. You can run queries easily and then update data in the database by just editing the result rows.

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As a couple of alternatives to workbench (which I'd also recommend)

On Windows you can use the FuseIT SFDC Explorer* to get the API names for sObjects and compose SOQL queries.

* This falls into the shameless self promotion category as I work for the company that makes it. Still it is free, and it can be good to have alternatives.

FuseIT SFDC Explorer

There is also the Explorer which is AIR based.


/>force sobject list

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I am building a web IDE. Still in Beta.


Create new Apex Triggers Classes, Visualforce Pages & Components
Select from a list of predefined templates to create class stubs
Code debugger
Run Anonymous Apex Code
Run SOQL queries
Run Batch queries
Metadata viewer and download
Code Metrics Dashboard

Try it out:

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