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This is the code for a page launched from an Event. It links the Event to a custom object Business_trip__c via a junction object Trip_meeting__c using the Event's ID as a text key. I am having issue running the test - I think I am not properly setting the page and am returning the titular error "List has no rows for assignment to SObject" for the EventIdString query.


public class NewTripMeetingExtension {

    private ApexPages.StandardController sc;
    public trip_meeting__c TM {get;set;}
    public List <Event> EventId {get;set;}
    public String EventIdString {get;set;}
    public String EventReference {get;set;}

    public NewTripMeetingExtension (ApexPages.StandardController StandardController) {
        sc = standardController;

        EventIdString = (String)[select id from Event where Id=: (ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('EventId'))].Id;
        Eventreference= [select subject from Event where Id=: (ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('EventId'))].subject;
        TM = new Trip_meeting__c ();


    public PageReference Cancel(){
        PageReference cancelUrl=new PageReference('/'+EventIdString);
        return cancelUrl;

    public PageReference Save(){
        PageReference SaveUrl=new PageReference('/'+EventIdString);
        Trip_meeting__c TM1 = (trip_meeting__c)sc.GetRecord();
        Database.insert(TM1, false);
        return SaveUrl;


Test Code:

public class testNewTripMeetingExtension {
     static testMethod void  testNewTripMeeting(){

        Account acc = new Account(Name='Abce');
        insert acc;

        Account a = new Account (name='Banson Quixotics');
        Insert a;

        Business_trip__c BT = new Business_trip__c (name='Name', Location__c='location', Start_date__c,;
        insert BT;

        Event TestEvent = new Event ();
        TestEvent.subject='meeting subject';
        TestEvent.ActivityDateTime =;
        TestEvent.Description='here are the notes in the field required to be there';
        inSert TestEvent;    

        Trip_meeting__c TM = new Trip_meeting__c();;
        Tm.Meeting__c = String.valueOf(;
        Insert TM;

        PageReference pageRef = Page.NewTripMeetingEntry;   

         ApexPages.StandardController sc = new ApexPages.standardController(TestEvent);
         NewTripMeetingExtension  controller = new NewTripMeetingExtension(sc);



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Change this line




You don't have to pass ?, = and & when setting.

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thanks. happy that I got as far as i did – jaw999 Mar 28 at 18:16

instead try this


this will solve your issue..

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