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Im new to slaesforce,can some point what is going wrong here.

public class listapex {
public list<selectoption> std {get;set;}
public string val{get;set;}
public listapex(){
        std= new list<selectoption>();
        selectoption s1= new selectoption('Null','--None--');
        selectoption s2= new selectoption('one','jan');
        std.add(new selectoption('two','feb'));
        std.add(new selectoption('three','mar'));
 public pagereference void findlabel()
      for (selectoption s1 : std)
               if (s1.getvalue() == val)
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Updated method as below public pagereference findlabel() { for (selectoption s1 : std) { if (s1.getvalue() == val) { val=s1.getlabel(); } } return null; } ..still facing issue with error-Error Error: Unknown function findlabel. Check spelling Error Error: Unknown function findlabel. Check spelling. – Yusuf Syed Mar 15 at 10:41
Yusuf -- still getting error ? – Ratan Mar 15 at 11:05
yes..i have removes pagereference and luck still – Yusuf Syed Mar 15 at 11:11
Yusuf-- if you removed pagereference then you should be using void correct ? – Ratan Mar 15 at 11:13
You should raise this as a new question because the initial problem was that you had an invalid class declaration, and this is a new problem. This time the problem is on your visualforce page. Hint - in action, do not use the brackets () after method name. But raise this as a new question if you are still having problems with your VF page. – Doug B Mar 15 at 11:43

This is not a valid method declaration

public pagereference void findlabel() {

You should declare the return type as EITHER void or PageReference

e.g. if the function will return a pagereference, use

public pagereference findlabel() {

or if it will return nothing use:

public void findlabel() {
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