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I have a number of hyperlinks for logging into various orgs that look like:{password}&un={username}

When I left work on Friday they were working fine. Today when I tried to use one I was redirected to rather than being logged in.

Why have these links stopped working?

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Ah, I see now the www subdomain as opposed to the login subdomain. – bigassforce Mar 6 at 20:21

I think this is still supported if you drop the login.jsp and put the query string after the slash:

Note to other readers wrapping the login process in this way, be VERY particular to use HTTPS!

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Interesting, I didn't know the login.jsp part could be omitted. The note about https is definitely important. – Daniel Ballinger Mar 6 at 21:14

I believe this is related to Knowledge Article 000229717 - API Endpoint Retirement.

Essentially, you need to use for production and developer edition orgs.{password}&un={username}

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