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How can I check the "IsSyncing" checkbox to true on quote to pass a validation in test class?

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To enable quote to opportunity sync'ing you have to set Opportunity.SyncedQuoteId to the quote id you want to sync with. From salesforce docs:

public void startQuoteSync() {
         Opportunity opp = new Opportunity(); 
         opp.setId(new ID("006D000000CpOSy")); 
         opp.setSyncedQuoteId(new ID("0Q0D000000002OZ")); 
   // Invoke the update call and save the results
   try {
      SaveResult[] saveResults = binding.update(new SObject[] {opp});
      // check results and do more processing after the update call ...
   catch (Exception ex) {
      System.out.println("An unexpected error has occurred." + ex.getMessage());
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Thank you chris. It worked. – Anurag A Mar 1 at 19:50
Excellent! Yes salesforce has a number of relationship fields that you would think would be editable, like the quote.issyncing but in reality are not. – Chris Fellows Mar 1 at 20:54

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