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This is a custom object. this is the error Compile Error: SObject constructor must use name=value pairs at line 8 column 22

    public list<student__c> myStud = new list<student__c>();
   List<student__c> stud_qry = new List<student__c>();
    public list<student__c> stud(){
        stud_qry =  [select Id, First_Name__c, name from Student__c];  
       for(student__c getEm : stud_qry){
          myStud.add(new student__c(getEm.first_name__c+' ' +;
           return myStud;
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Gelay is My ans making any sense let me know – Ratan Feb 15 at 6:00
yes but i have another error – gelay Feb 15 at 6:29
What is the error. – Ratan Feb 15 at 6:30
Invalid selectOptions found. Use SelectOption type in Apex. – gelay Feb 15 at 6:30
Pls don't update this ans instead ask another question else evryone think my ans is different and they will give me downvote – Ratan Feb 15 at 6:33
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Error in this line

myStud.add(new student__c(getEm.first_name__c+' ' +;

this should be name value pair.

myStud.add(new student__c(Name = getEm.first_name__c+' ' +;

You need to specify Field API name and respective value like this Name = getEm.first_name__c+' ' +

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thank you @Ratan – gelay Feb 15 at 8:29

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