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I am trying to get recordType Id's without using a SOQL query (source how-to-get-record-type-id-without-soql):

// User need to pass two parameters SObject Type & 
// RecordType Label ( not Record Type Developer Name)
public static Id getRecordTypeId(String ObjectType, String RecordTypeLabel)
  SObject OBJ;
  // Describing Schema
  Schema.SObjectType Res = Schema.getGlobalDescribe().get(ObjectType);
  if (Res != null)

      OBJ = Res.newSObject();
      // Describing Object 
      Schema.DescribeSObjectResult DesRes = OBJ.getSObjectType().getDescribe(); 

      if(DesRes != null){
        // Get a map of fields for the SObject Save error: unexpected token: 'map'
        map <string schema.recordtypeinfo="schema.recordtypeinfo"> RecordTypeMap = DesRes.getRecordTypeInfosByName();
        if (RecordTypeMap != null) 
            Schema.RecordTypeInfo RecordTypeRes = RecordTypeMap.get(RecordTypeLabel);
            if (RecordTypeRes != null) {
                return RecordTypeRes.getRecordTypeId();
     return null;

But on the line map <string schema.recordtypeinfo="schema.recordtypeinfo"> RecordTypeMap = DesRes.getRecordTypeInfosByName(); I am getting an error Unexpected token: 'map'

What have I done wrong, I've tried re-writing it

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Try to change that to this:

Map<String, Schema.RecordTypeInfo> RecordTypeMap = DesRes.getRecordTypeInfosByName();
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