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I want something like the below in my test to see of a outputPanel should be rendered

<apex:outputpanel rendered="{!recordType == 'System Change Request' & $currentPage().getParameters().get('mode') =='edit'}"> 

so if the recordType variable of the custom controller is 'System Change Request' and the mode of the page is set to edit then render the panel...

Unfortunately I must be getting it wrong as I am getting a syntax error

Syntax error. Extra '.'

The reason I am trying to do this, is so that I can combine my View and edit pages in one VF Page, and just re-render the main panel when the user chooses to edit an existing record...

Or should I be using a variable in the controller that is set from the page parameters?

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you should use variable in controller to set page parameter – sfdc Feb 2 at 21:33
Try $CurrentPage.parameters.mode for the syntax error... – sam_s Feb 2 at 21:40
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If you want to use logical operators, and is &&, or is ||. Note that the character occurs twice. However, it is probably cleaner in VF to use the AND and OR functions (e.g. AND(condition1, condition2) instead of condition1 && condition2. I mention this specifically because negation can look pretty awkward, compare {!NOT(condition)} with {!!condition}. The latter is far more confusing for me to read.

As mentioned in the comments, you are also incorrectly referencing page parameters, you should instead use $CurrentPage.Parameters.mode or cache it in Apex for simplicity.

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