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Hey i am new to salesforce. I write an apex trigger in lead.Whenever any lead is converted type picklist(standard field) in opportunity object has to updated with new-business.I had successfully wrote trigger for this and it handle bulk records also.My problem is i write a test class for this apex trigger it run successfully but i didn't get any code coverage for my trigger where i had done mistake.

my apex trigger

trigger trigMapFields on Lead (before update)  {
public opportunity con;
List<Id> leadStatus= new List<Id>();
          if (lead.IsConverted) 
List<Opportunity> opps=[select Id from Opportunity WHERE Opportunity.Id IN:leadStatus];
      for(Opportunity o:opps) 
       o.Type='New Business';
     update opps;

My apex test class

public class testLeadConvertMapFields { 
static testMethod void trigTest() {

    // Create dummy lead
    Lead testLead = new Lead(Company='Test Lead',FirstName='John',LastName='Doe',Status='Open - Not Contacted');
    insert testLead;

    // Create dummy conversion
    Database.LeadConvert lc = new database.LeadConvert();
    lc.setConvertedStatus('Closed - Converted');
    Database.LeadConvertResult lcr = Database.convertLead(lc);

    // Make sure conversion was successful

    // Test Opportunity "Status" field update
    Opportunity testCon = [SELECT Type FROM Opportunity WHERE Opportunity.Id = :lcr.getOpportunityId()];
    System.assertEquals(testCon.Type,'New Business');

I think i wrote something wrong in test class by checking status field

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run all test and then check coverage. Sometime DC does not display correct code coverage. – Tushar Sharma Feb 1 at 5:51
what is your issue.. are you getting any error or just your code coverage is always zero ? or check this… – Ratan Feb 1 at 5:52
Hey Thanks buddy thanks for sharing knowledge you saved my lot of time bro @Tushar Sharma.. – Pavan tej Feb 1 at 5:53
@user2185482 if this works for you. Then you can accept my answer and close this question. – Tushar Sharma Feb 1 at 5:55
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Run all test and then check coverage. Sometime DC does not display correct code coverage.

It will solve your problem.

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