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Correct me if am wrong in these relation Ship between Opportunity, OpportunityLineItems(Opportunity Product), PricebookEntry, Product2 & Pricebookentry in Salesforce.

  1. OpportunitylineItem is junction object between opportunity and pricebookentry. As We need PricebookEntry Id and opportunity Id while creating OpportunityLineItems.

  2. PricebookEntry is a junction object between Product2 and PriceBook. As we need Product2 Id and PriceBook2 Id while creating PricebookEntries.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Both points are correct, see here ERD:

enter image description here

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Thanks Fred, Thanks Ratan for clearing the doubt, its correct as per doc as well :) – Faiz Jan 31 at 14:09

Opportunity Product is a Junction Object between Opportunity and Product2 objects. The API name is OpportunityLineItem.

The relationship between Product2 and PriceBookEntry is 1:M(Master Detail) with PriceBookEntry on the child side.

The relationship between PriceBook2 and PriceBookEntry is 1:M(Master Detail) with PriceBookEntry on the child side.

So PriceBookEntry is a Junction object between Product2 and PriceBook2

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That's absolutely right, Thanks Bennie :) – Faiz Jan 31 at 14:06

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