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Already in remote site settings the remote site url is "".. But when I tried to change it as "" , it is not getting pasted fully. Again its showing the prev one. But it got saved successfully.

Can anyone please tell me how to resolve this ?

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Remote site setting save base url . so it will work for you. – Tushar Sharma Jan 5 at 5:24
cant get you !! please be more specific – user27537 Jan 5 at 5:29

Remote SIte URL just store the protocol + sub domain name + domain name + port number and ignore anything after /

for example if you enter:

It will only take

That is how it works.

Once the base URL is added you can request any resource on that server.

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thanks a ton !! – user27537 Jan 5 at 5:41

In Salesforce Remote site setting only save the base url because in this way it will handle multiple urls.

For example:

Now remote site setting only save . But it can handle both URLs a same time.

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thanks a ton !! – user27537 Jan 5 at 5:41

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