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There are 2 parts to my question

Traditionally, while developing and distributing Salesforce mobile apps for beta testing and feedback, I've used the Ray Dehler method for whitelisting all IP addresses - it helps when you do not know the IP of the beta users (IP addresses typically change dynamically for mobile users for a lot of carriers globally).

Ray Dehler package is a small utility (unmanaged package) which basically adds all IP prefixes to the Salesforce whitelist.

enter image description here

A) This method worked great until about Spring or Winter 15 releases and after that, it stopped working. Since then, it does not show the 'Load iFrames' button which is the first step needed to generate the IP prefixes for whitelisting.

Has anyone been able to get this working on their orgs after the Spring/ Winter 15 release?

enter image description here

B) Regardless of A), is there any other script/ mechanism to whitelist all IP combinations you're aware of which does work with latest Salesforce release?

Of course, re-writing this utility can be done in a few hours but I wanted to check if there's anything already available rather than re-inventing the wheel.

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Updated here:… – Ray Dehler Mar 3 at 6:31
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You can try below code

var startingPoint = 0; 
var endpoint = 0; 

function openPage() 
endpoint = startingPoint + 1; 
var win ='' + startingPoint + '.0.0.0&IpEndAddress=' + endpoint + '.255.255.255&isdtp=vw',600,600); 
win.onload = function() 
win.onunload = function() 
startingPoint = startingPoint + 2; 
if(startingPoint <= 255) 

Special thanks to MVP Ankit Arora (Reference:)

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Thank you - this helps. I made some updates and generalised it for my requirements. – Gaurav Kheterpal Jan 4 at 11:22

I like how it's called the "Ray Dehler" method :)

It works as a Chrome extension now also:

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